Raise Your Dick if You Love Lesbian Wrestling

I can’t believe my luck that I found this site. Finally, the porn that I have been waiting for. What’s so good about it? Ha! Let me tell you.  Here are the things that I love most: porn, lesbians (lesbain porn), sweaty girls, strapon fucking and sports. In sports, I particularly am a huge fan of wrestling. In fantasy, I had always loved to imagine wrestling girls and jacked off to the scenario many a time. It all started a few years ago. I was dating a bisexual girl who was a little on the butchy side - but hot - and always horny. One time when we were fucking, or maybe afterwards, she decided to share some of her sexcapades with me. She told me how when she was in high school, she was actually on the girls wrestling team. And I don’t know if she was serious or not but she said after she’d win, she’d lick the loser’s pussy. I got so fucking horny I fucked her asshole immediately and didn’t get a chance to hear the rest of the story, but now I’ve got the visual representation of what may or may not have transpired.  In fact I’m jerking off to it right now. Hold on… After I shoot my cum, I’ll finish the story.


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