The Annihilator!

Available now at Ultimate Surrender: The Annihilator uses her moves and her curves to Dominate

Bella has come a long way - and today she shows her mat skills and her absolute love of dominating with her body. She pins Sahara over and over and gets every inch of her voluptuous body all pressed up against Sahara to score sex points in rapid fire succession. Sahara does not, however, just roll over and take it, she fights her heart out trying to escape Bella and has a few shining moments of her own. Not enough shine though and Bella shows her how to be a good, sore loser with a massive strap-on.

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MILF Strapon Fucked

Strapons aren’t just for college girls. Not sure if this tattooed blonde dyke is of college age or not, but it doesn’t matter b/c her MILF challenger is no match for her wrestling skills, nor is her pussy barred from getting a major pounding with a rubber cock when she finally loses the battle. Losers are fucked, what can I say… I love watching the MILF forced to suck pussy and seeing her ass jiggle as she takes that strap-on from behind, doggy style - like a bitch!

milf gets assfucked by a strapon lesbian

Former College Athletes Fight and Fuck

As I’ve already pointed out, you gotta be at least somewhat interested in dyking out if you join the women’s wrestling team. (Just as you can’t be completely heterosexual if you’re on the men’s wrestling). Well these two former collegiate athletes finally get to do what they’ve been wanting to do for years - fuck each other! After a powerful, sweaty battle, the loser gets her sweaty pussy fucked to powerful submissive orgasms! Now that’s one hell of a college reunion!

college wrestling team lesbians wrestle and fuck

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Wrestling and Fisting!

Brutal female domination! Isis Love wrestles with a tiny blonde girl and wins. Since the winner gets to fuck the loser any way they want, Isis does something a little different - she makes the little blonde bitch gag on Isis’ strapon and fists her loser pussy, shoving her hand up her bald cunt all the way up to the wrist! Now THAT’S hardcore!

lesbian femdom with strapon and fisting

Two MILFS Wrestling and Fucking

What’s hot about a MILF? Hopefully big bouncy ass and tits. What better way to see that MILF ass get fucked hard than after a sweaty naked wrestling match? Butcheck it out, it’s not just MILFs….

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Two Tanned Blondes Wrestle, Loser Gets Fucked in the Ass

This loser looks a little bit like Hollie Stevens, but it’s a different bird. Know why? Because Hollie doesn’t really do too much anal, whereas this bitch who probably lost on purpose gets a big rubber cock up her butt. Losing’s a bitch. Ain’t it? Maybe not!


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Tattooed Lesbian Assfucks Innocent Blonde

Tattoos on women scare me. Even the tramp stamp is a warning sign. Maybe I can deal with a little heart or unicorn or Yosemite Sam next to the pussy area but that’s about it. Imagine how this little blondie feels like when she loses the match and gets assfucked by her tatooed opponent! The agony and the ecstasy, I presume!

girl gets assfucked by a tattooed lesbian with a strapon dildo

Losers Fucked By Winners in an Insane Group Domination Fuck Fest

In one of the most intense dyke wrestling matches yet, not only do the losers get humiliated by the winners in front of a live audience in San Francisco, as part of Royal Madness 2009, we get the pleasure of watching six bitch losers get their pussies and assholes brutally strapon fucked by six other hardcore pussy sucking dykes. Lesbians wrestling, BDSM abuse and ultimate surrender. Can you beat it? No, but you can beat your meat! Wish I was there, I can almost taste the smell of sweaty, freshly fucked cunt and ass wafting through the wrestling ring! Yes!!! BTW, looks like that’s Hollie again, this time fucking a pussy (or is it an ass?), instead of getting fucked. Love a bitch who’s a switch!

lesbians strapon fucking in front of an audience

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Hollie is Back for More Punishment

Looks like Ms Stevens just can’t get enough. I’m sure she keeps losing on purpose. I love to watch the winner sit on her face, force her to suck cunt, slap around her big white ass and fuck it with a big black dildo. I am crazy for Hollie and can best describe her as ‘extremely fuckable’. Nice meaty ass, great tits, a “cum fuck my mouth” look on her face 24/7 and an insatiable appetite for pussy and cock. Throw in a submissive streak and you’ve got the perfect woman.

hollie stevens strapon fucked

But Hollie is not your run of the mill porno chick. She’s wild, experimental, and she even does clown porn!

clown_pornclown porn

Brutal Lesbian Tag Team: Loser Hollie Stevens Gets Double Fucked

BDSM lover who loves being a sub, Hollie Stevens gets into a battle with some hardcore dykes: Alexa Von Tess, Bella Rossi, Dia Zerva, and Yana Jordan. Natch, she can’t keep up and loses, big time. And what happens to the loser? She gets brutally fucked by a strapon wielding pussy girl but not until she licks pussy and ass, is forced to suck on a rubber cock and gets tit slapped! I think it’s safe to say that she lost on purpose. All in front of a live audience to boot! For true exhibitonist subs, it’s not just enough to be fucked and abused, nor is it enough to parade around in your birthday suit, buck naked. The ultimate surrender is completely naked, on all fours, getting fucked and sucking. Love it and love you, Hollie!

lesbian strapon gangbang in front of an audience

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